Monday, February 13, 2006

Busy Weekend

Well, what a weekend. Where do I start? Let's try Friday...

I've decided to ease myself into my new life gradually. There's no sense in risking any muscle injuries after all. It's lucky, therefore, that I live within walking distance of .

I haven't been in there since it re-opened and, although I wasn't too keen on its previous incarnation, Otto, I threw on a shirt, grabbed The Blonde and headed for the bar.

There was a live Soul band playing a little too loudly in the bar, so we didn't really get a chance to talk much but it was a decent enough night. The cocktail menu was pretty standard and my mojito had far too much sugar and not enough rum. The wine list wasn't up to much either but we settled on the house rose and by the end of the night we were dancing like maniacs.

After a lazy morning, we decided to go for a run along the canal before lunch. Despite being a member of various gyms for most of my adult life, I'm probably one of the most unfit people of my age-group. After 20 minutes I was finished and watched in awe as The Blonde disappeared into the distance. Loyalty obviously has no place in fitness.

Perhaps it was poetic justice then when, at around midnight on Saturday during a friend's birthday party in a pub in Marylebone, The Blonde decided that walking just wasn't her type of thing and fell over her own feet on the way to the toilet.

And so, Sunday afternoon was spent in the A&E ward at St Mary's. Luckily the x-rays didn't come up with anything but she does have to rest for a week. This gives me the chance to play Florence Nightingale for a week and rack up some serious Brownie points.


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