Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Somebody get me out of here...

My procrastination has really hit an all time high. I have SO much to do here it's unreal but instead, I've spent the day watching the and reading other people's .

If I had done things at 9 o'clock this morning when I got up, I'd be able to go out tonight and have something to write about here.

On the up side, this site got 20 visits yesterday. An all-time record. I owe this in part to referrals from . I've been reading her Blog of late and I posted a comment there, so she put a link to my site. For those of you who haven't arrived here via Daga's blog, you should follow and pay her a visit.

My Florence Nightingale efforts have been paying off with some serious cuddles from The Blonde. Yesterday, she managed to hobble up to the cafe to get out of my way for a while (bless her) and returned all fresh-faced from her outdoor adventure.

I used the time alone wisely and took a book into the bathroom without fear of interruption. It was heaven, I tell you.

I haven't forgotten about my pact with myself to get out more. Yesterday afternoon saw an impromptu (but long overdue) visit to . This is a small area of land dedicated to ordinary people who have given their lives to save others. You can read the story about it , so I won't go on about it too much other than to say that it's a very uplifting experience.

My only concern is that there are no recent plaques there. Does this mean that people stopped helping each other or just stopped being recognised for it?

Since it's Wednesday, I've decided it's time to start planning a weekend adventure. It's going to be a bit difficult with The Blonde still out of action. Any ideas or suggestions would be more than welcome.


At 9:36 pm, Blogger Daga said...

Hey, London Guy, here is an interesting weekend idea!



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